DeLorean Display Rentals

DeLorean Car Rental Our DeLoreans are available for rental for your convention display or special event. Under normal circumstances, a 25% deposit must be received at least one week in advance (for a DeLorean) or one month in advance (Time Machine) to hold the date(s) for display rentals, but we can be flexible based on last minute scheduling needs.

Classic DeLorean

Our DeLorean rentals are based on a daily rate. The DeLorean can be displayed with the doors open. However, this would require a roped off area around the car. If you would like to have guests pose for pictures in and around the car (without ropes), this would require an owner/attendant to be present during the event. Extra care must be observed if guests would like to pose for photos in the car, especially while entering and exiting the car. The DeLorean will be dropped off and/or setup as clean as possible, based on weather and road conditions, including a quick wipe down once the car is in the building. Please note fingerprints do show up in photos, as people will touch the car.

Additional partial day rates may apply, depending upon when the car can be dropped off and picked up and the final display rate is usually negotiated in advance. Other charges may apply if food or drinks are dropped in the car (even when restricted). The use of a stock DeLorean car will not require any special setup and in most cases, a car with an automatic transmission will be supplied for display, especially when building personnel will need to drive the car in and out of position for display. As to comply with most building codes for displaying automobiles indoors, the DeLorean will arrive with 1/4 tank of fuel or less, locking gas cap and the battery can be disconnected during display hours. Keys must not be left in the vehicle during display.

Back to the Future DeLorean Time Machine Replica

Back to the Future DeLorean Replica This type of prop car is not a fully functional car, which is often more desireable for indoor displays in convention centers since it has no engine, no oil, no fuel, etc. and is therefore favored by local fire marshals due to the increased safety factors. All windows have dark tint and the vehicle's doors do not open. Since you cannot see in the vehicle, there is no interior, which helps to keep the vehicle weight down so it can be more easily moved by hand (since it has no engine). The front wheels/tires do not steer and require dollies (supplied) to be used to move/steer the vehicle into position for display purposes.

The Back to the Future Time Machine DeLorean replica does have some 110v powered lighting that can be used if household power (110v) can be provided to the display area via outlets and extension cords. Additional setup time is required since this vehicle must be unloaded from the trailer and positioned with dollies, all by hand. Although not supplied as part of the display, you may wish to use a DJ-quality smoke/fog machine to enhance the display of the Time Machine DeLorean replica.

Customized DeLorean Mac Mini

DeLorean Mac Mini This particular DeLorean has undergone a radical customization, which can provide a high-tech multimedia experience to any event. See the DeLorean Mac Mini website here:

For further information on DeLorean rental availability and pricing, please contact us at: dmcrental~at~deloreanmidwestconnection_._com